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Image of green window


We supply and fit windows from the Aluplast range™.

They come in a multitude of colours and we have access to a number of foiled finishes, in any configuration. Popular choices include shades of green for heritage properties and grey which emulate the industrial appearance of aluminium windows. You can even specify one colour for the outside of your windows and another for the inside.

Improved Insulation

The Aluplast range™ of windows comes with a high energy efficient five-chambered symmetrical design as standard. 

Windows with an ‘A’ rating is our standard window with an option to upgrade to ‘A+’ . These windows offer the latest in noise reduction technology as well ensuring that your house stays as warm and as peaceful as possible.

Image of a Cross Section of a Window
Image of how the window locks are placed

Improved Security

All Aluplast Range™ windows are designed with security in mind.

We have achieved the coveted Police Preferred specification, Secured By Design, which means our specified frames must be designed to withstand forced entry attempts over and above any normal non specified frame. Shoot bolt locking and high security door locks are used on our products in order to give you peace of mind that your home is safe and secure.