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An example of a Bi-folding door

Open up your home

Bi-folding doors can really open up your home. 

Our aluminium sliding doors are a versatile mixture of hinged and folding leaves that give you control over how you want your doors to open.

What sets our Bi-Folds apart? 

Our doors have one elegant, continuous hinge – known as a piano hinge, creating a contemporary look.

Keep your home secure

Safety and security are extremely important for your home. 

Sapa are our suppliers of our bi-folding doors. These doors have a multi-point lock. The door handle throws shoot-bolts into place.  The handle is key lockable for added security and peace of mind. 

The inherent strength of aluminium along with the multi-point locks makes these doors a secure and aesthetically pleasing enhancement to your home.

Image of the locking mechanism of a bi-folding door
Photo of the wheels the bi-folds glide on

Elegantly Practical

Our Bi-folding doors have many practical features to fit the busiest lifestyle. 

The doors are finished with a non-fading, hard and durable coating that is baked onto the frames making them easy to keep clean.

The doors are made with the highest quality materials, fixtures and fittings.

The doors use easy-glide stainless steel wheels which run on a stainless steel track which prevents everyday dust and dirt affecting the gliding system. Many other systems run in a gully which soon clogs up with dirt making a door difficult to manoeuvre.

Integral Blinds

Modern, maintenance-free integral blinds for bi-fold doors

Integral blinds are perfect for contolling room temperature  and adding a stylish finish and touch to your room.

Some of the advantages of integral blinds are:

  • There is no need to clean them as the blinds sit between 2 panes of glass.
  • They protect your furniture from fading from the heat and glare of the sun. 
  • They protect your privacy both day and night.
Photo of bi-fold doors
Photo of Bi-Folding doors from the inside